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Ngbl=Negotiable; POL=Pick Of Litter; POP=Price Of Pup (or stud fee, whichever is greater)
Shiba Inus in New York
Dogs are listed alphabetically by city and name.
Birth Date: 24 Jan 2013
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$100, Ngbl, POL, POP
Phone: 917-583-8282
Owner: Joe Wil
Kennel: none
Website: none
Ninja is an exceptional red sesame with a white face and underside, 22" tall, and weighs 39 lbs. He has extraordinary intelligence, agility, and a sweet, loving temperament. He is unique for his extreme good looks and proportional athletic build, with a permanent puppy face that is almost cartoonish in its perfection. I have yet to see another like him. He is perhaps the best representation of the breed I have ever seen and his stud services deserves to be utilized. He has been in perfect health his entire life and has been an absolute breeze to live with.
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Posted: 3 Feb 2021