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Maltese in North Carolina
Dogs are listed alphabetically by city and name.
Birth Date: 20 May 2020
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$2000, POL, POP
Phone: 980-349-8259
Owner: Jonathan Hale
Kennel: Mollie's Maltese
Gan-Ji of Big Eyes Love is white, 10" tall, weighs 4.2 lb, and has all of his black points. He is 100% Korean Maltese, which is a rare find in the U.S. He has a gentle, lap dog temperament. His pedigree has two Korean Champions in the bloodlines. He's been Embark tested and is clear of all breed relevant conditions We may consider servicing other small dog breeds, and offer local AI, shipped semen, and live cover.
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Posted: 24 Jan 2021