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Great Danes in Wisconsin
Dogs are listed alphabetically by city and name.
Birth Date: 6 Dec 2012
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$1000, Ngbl, POL, POP
Phone: 631-235-0319
Owner: Erica Lipsky
Kennel: none
Website: instabam77
BAM is harlequin with 1 blue/1 brown eye, 31.5" tall and 130 lbs. BAM, which stands for Big Adorable Man, is highly energetic, goofy, loves people, and is great with our 3 other dogs and 2 cats. He is adventurous and loves hiking. He's up to date on all vaccinations, and has no health issues. He's had his hips X-rayed at two and no abnormalities noted, not sent to OFA but can be if desired. He is a CGC and an ESA dog. He is unproven, but semen testing met all requirements. I'm looking for an AKC female in optimal health, no hip, heart, or thyroid issues. I prefer pick of the litter. We offer local AI and shipped semen as well as live cover.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2018