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Great Danes Providing Shipped Semen
Dogs are listed alphabetically by state/province/country and city.
OHIO, Grove City, USA
Birth Date: 17 Mar 2017
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$500, POL
Phone: 614-743-8843
Owner: Jolene Winter
Kennel: none
Website: none
Winter's Lighting God Zeus is a blue, weighs 170 lbs, and is 32" tall at the shoulders. He's a very big boy, and pictures don't do him justice. He is a lover, raised around kids and other pets, very well behaved, and loves going out and meeting new people. He is 78% European and has great lips and a well shaped head. For live cover the female must have a negative Brucellosis test done within 30 days of breeding. We also offer local AI and shipped semen.
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Posted: 10 Jun 2018
Birth Date: 6 Dec 2012
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$1000, Ngbl, POL, POP
Phone: 631-235-0319
Owner: Erica Lipsky
Kennel: none
Website: instabam77
BAM is harlequin with 1 blue/1 brown eye, 31.5" tall and 130 lbs. BAM, which stands for Big Adorable Man, is highly energetic, goofy, loves people, and is great with our 3 other dogs and 2 cats. He is adventurous and loves hiking. He's up to date on all vaccinations, and has no health issues. He's had his hips X-rayed at two and no abnormalities noted, not sent to OFA but can be if desired. He is a CGC and an ESA dog. He is unproven, but semen testing met all requirements. I'm looking for an AKC female in optimal health, no hip, heart, or thyroid issues. I prefer pick of the litter. We offer local AI and shipped semen as well as live cover.
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Posted: 28 Jul 2018
FLORIDA,​ Altamonte Springs, USA
Birth Date: 14 May 2012
Registry: AKC
​OFA:​ none
Fee: $1000
Phone: 407-666-4154
Owner: Jessica Briggs
Kennel: none
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Solomon's Big Ben is a merle mantle and comes from strong harlequin/mantle breeding. He is a big boy at 37-39" tall and 130 lbs. His temperament is so gentle and loving, he lives by the saying "gentle giant". We offer local AI and shipped semen, as well as natural live cover.
Posted: 25 May 2013
Last renewal: 24 Aug 2018
Hank the Tank
Birth Date: 22 Mar 2017
Registry: AKC
​OFA: none
Fee: ​$1000, POP
Phone: 225-663-0506
Owner: Elizabeth Bedford
Kennel: Vom Hause Faith
Website: none
Hank Bedford Vom Hause Faith is a giant merle weighing 160 lbs. He has a large block head, large jowls, and is still filling out. He's full Euro from champion lines with his harlequin sire from Slovenia, and blue dame is German/French, born in USA. He has an excellent disposition, non-aggressive, goofy, and high energy. He's a family dog, stays inside, is good with kids, and loves the water and the dog park. He's very healthy and gets plenty of exercise. Female must be 2 or older, AKC registered, not merle, and have a current negative Brucellosis. Stud contract must be signed prior to breeding. We offer local AI and shipped semen as well as natural live cover.
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Posted: 26 Aug 2018